Rapid Fire Matcha Tea

  • Supports metabolism+
  • Promotes mental clarity+
  • Enhances performance levels+
  • Great for tea, smoothies, lattes & baking
  • Natural caffeine, without crash or jitters+

Rapid Fire Matcha Tea is a rich flavor of natural matcha, providing antioxidants to help stimulate healthy metabolism and mental focus. This keto-friendly caffeinated beverage can be enjoyed hot or in a smoothie.

Rapid Fire Matcha Tea is a great way to start your morning. Since our Matcha Tea is made from ground Japanese matcha tea leaves and not discarded as you would an ordinary teabag, you are consuming the leaf and thereby receiving a greater boost of natural caffeine compared to other types of tea. The benefit is that this premium tea provides a heightened sense of calm that’s coupled with smooth caffeine, but helps you avoid the jitters you can get with coffee. Enjoy this high antioxidant beverage to enhance your nutritional intake. Our matcha may be enjoyed as tea, used in smoothies, lattes or added to dry ingredients when baking to create unique matcha baked goods.+

The Evolution of Tea

Tea has been revered for its health benefits for thousands of years. The first usage of tea has been dated since 2737 BC when the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while water boiled next to him and a leaf from a wild tea plant dropped into the water and brewed. Tea became the predominant beverage in China during the Tang Dynasty in 18-906 AD. Throughout the centuries, it has expanded to numerous cultures around the world. Loose dried tea leaves, using a strainer was the method of consuming tea. In 1908, the first silk tea bag was marketed by Thomas Sullivan from New York.  

Today, tea is consumed by millions of Americans. Rapid Fire Slim Tea has taken tea to the next level with our natural teatox system that provide a variety of benefits. Scientists have found that the catechins (antioxidants) in green tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which may account for improved muscle endurance.


  • "Rapid Fire Slim Tea has a mild and refreshing taste. I plan to use it to help me lose weight and support my energy levels to keep up with my kids."

    Katherine Hawthorne, NJ
  • "I enjoyed the smooth taste of herbs and natural, gentle cleansing effect from Rapid Fire Slim Tea."

    Dean Plattsburgh, NY
  • "The Rapid Fire Slim Tea was so tasty, I didn't need to add anything to it.  I recommended it to my friends that are interested to maintain their weight."

    Robert Arcadia, CA
  • "Rapid Fire Tea is so convenient to bring to work and makes my break time especially enjoyable."

    Lisa Reno, NV