Keto Recipes

Sticking to a Keto diet can be challenging. Using Rapid Fire MCT Oil with your meals helps keep you on track to attain the proper ketosis levels. Incorporating MCT Oil into your meal plans is easy, as it doesn’t alter the taste or color of your food. Here’s some meal and snack options to help enhance your ketone levels. Please send us your Keto recipes using Rapid Fire MCT Oil and we’ll share with others.

Omelet made from eggs, bacon, cheese and onion on plate
Cappuccino foam, coffee cup top view on white background
Beer Battered Fish Bites with Tarter Sauce
Chicken Breast au gratin
Butter Chicken Curry
Healthy Salad
Party peanut candy
Green Smoothie
Caesar Salad
Salmon and asparagus
Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry