Rapid Fire Protein Coffee Pods

Original & Toasted Hazelnut Flavors

  • Helps Build & Tone Muscles
  • Beauty Benefits from Collagen
  • Boosts Fat Burning & Metabolism
  • Works with Any Pod Brewing System
  • Naturally Flavored
  • 10g Protein
  • No Added Sugar
  • Arabica Coffee

Rapid Fire Protein Coffee provides all the nutritional tools you need to start your day strong or give you a performance-building boost whenever you need it. Each fast-brew pod combines the finest Arabica medium roast coffee with a 10g blend of collagen peptides, whey protein concentrate, and milk protein isolate to create a satisfying coffee beverage you can drink hot or pour over ice.

Protein is the key to muscle tone, strength, and fitness. Your body requires protein to rebuild and repair muscle after exercise, plus support muscle loss as you age and strengthen bones. It also helps boost your metabolism to keep your body leaner and fit, and it helps curb hunger. The fast and medium releasing protein blend in Rapid Fire Protein Coffee fuels your body with essential amino acids and BCAAs you need.

Rapid Fire Protein Coffee is the perfect energizing drink that also feeds your muscles. Plus, it provides all these great benefits, along with the convenience of fast-brew pods. Enjoy!

Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan Mountain ranges stretches across Asia and is associated with Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Known as the purest salt available, these pink salt crystals are mined from the great Salt Range of the Himalayas, an area that geologists estimate could be 800 million years old. Although Himalayan salt is considered a sea salt, since this ancient salt has been undisturbed it hasn’t been exposed to toxic pollution, unlike other sea salts.

The many hues of pink, red and white are natural indications of the salt’s 80 + complex minerals and elements. These minerals have been shown to create an electrolyte balance, aid metabolism, promote circulation and absorb nutrients quicker. Because the salt is formed naturally, the minerals have been known to work synergistically and unlike table salt, the iodine doesn’t need to be artificially added. Table salt is not only stripped of all its minerals, but is chemically cleaned and bleached to avoid clumping. Finally, since Himalayan salt crystal structure is larger than refined salt, it contains less sodium per ¼ teaspoon serving


  • "Rapid Fire coffee gives me energy and I love the idea of protein in my coffee!"

    Stacy Cranford, NJ
  • "Protein Coffee is a delicious hazelnut flavor, plus I'm getting 10g of protein!"

    Jeff Lansing, MI